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Tipton City Council Meeting held April 3, 2022


The regular meeting of the Tipton City Council was held at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at City Hall.   Those present were Mayor-Braden Hake, City Clerk Brigit Gasper, City Superintendent - Rod Barker, and City Council members – Jarrod Shivers, Michael Ohnsat,  Sara Dilley, and Jessica Krier.  Vanessa Tonne from the Café was also present.  Council member Mark Towner was absent.

Mayor Braden Hake called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 

Minutes from the March 7, 2022 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Vanessa Tonne discussed a leak in the restaurant roof that is above the kitchen area.  Rod will check it out and repair with tin and sealant.  She also reported that the meat slicer does not work properly and it was checked out by a food equipment repairman and it cannot be fixed.  She said that they did not use it at the restaurant anyway and it could possibly be used for parts.  Braden will check with organization that has a meat slicer and see if the parts could be used for any future repairs.  Vanessa also discussed her possible future plans for the restaurant.   She will be getting an inventory of items.  The food license was recently renewed and will expire March 31, 2023.

Brigit gave an update on the utility bills and late fees. There were no disconnect letters issued. Property ownership changes for utility billing purposes were discussed. 

Total March receipts were $24934.48 and disbursements were $32716.88.  Sales tax was down in March with the amount received being $4726.70.  Bills and receipts for March were discussed reviewed. Burial fees in the amount of $400 were received in March. Jessica Krier moved that the bills be paid; Sara Dilley seconded. Motion passed.

The EMC insurance renewal quote was discussed and reviewed with a detailed comparison for 2021 and 2022.  Brigit had discussed details with agent Brooke Brummer as she was not able to be at the meeting due to a family commitment.  The total premium stayed about the same, but some of the deductibles had increased.  Brooke had spoken with the company about this and the deductibles were not negotiable at this time, but she was told that they could possibly be negotiated next year at renewal time. 

Brigit reported that there are not any positions up for election in 2022 for the City of Tipton.  There will be 3 councilmembers up for election in 2023.

Communication from City Attorney Katie Schroeder regarding unpaid property taxes was discussed.  No action was taken.

Due to changes in CVA’s ticket system, Brigit will need to have receipts for purchases from CVA until we can obtain access to their new portal system.

Communication received from Emily Benedick, Mitchell County Economic Development Director, was discussed.  The project, Murals of Mitchell County, is in the beginning stages.  The goal is to have a mural in each town in Mitchell County.  Murals will be painted walls of businesses with the appropriate wall structure.  More information will be made available in the future. 

Two bids were received for the Farm Lease.  The high bid was accepted; bid was from Clinton and April Schmitt.

The Utility Service quote for the riser frost jacket and installation was signed by Mayor Braden Hake and will be sent to Utility Service.  The quote amount was $23,475.00 which includes all labor, materials, and dumpster to complete the job.  The unfinished work was never completed, so when all is completed the unpaid amount of $7747.25 will be paid for the previous unfinished work.

Scholarship applications from eligible students were reviewed.  Presentation of the scholarships will be made during the TCHS graduation ceremony in May. 

Rod had spoken with  Mrs. Colarossi at the Tipton Catholic High School regarding the student’s project to plant some milkweed pollinator plots to attract monarch butterflies south of the cemetery.  The talked about the location for this and the upkeep and watering of the plants.

Brigit reported the the ARPA    funds reporting process is constantly changing and she is watching webinars and had to update some profile information.  After contacting the State of Kansas Recovery office, it is suggested to us the 10 million dollar standard exemption which will alleviate some of the cumbersome reporting, especially for municipalities like ours which are smaller and receiving lesser amounts. 

Rod Barker, City Superintendent, reported that the electrical portion of the work in the back of the City Building will be done next week.

Councilmember Jarrod Shivers said that he had attended a storm spotters meeting and reminded everyone that by accessing the Mitchell County website, the Everbridge link is available to set up notification for storms and warnings.

The next meeting will be Monday, May 2 at 7:30 pm.  Meeting was adjorned at 8:40 pm.

                                                                                                                                                Brigit Gasper

City Clerk